I feel like I’m on Facebook again

I was tagged by deedsofgreed.
1. Always post the rules
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Favorite band?DeathGrips, Cocorosie, CrystalCastles (I’m not really a band person)
Food you like? Sweets, fruits, carbs, salads
Food you dislike? Olives, mayonnaise, bananas
Favorite movie? I don’t have a favourite,I’ve seen too many, but as of right now Lars Von Trier is killing the game, and Tarantino has always killed
Favorite book? The Fouintanhead
Favorite animal? Snails
Favorite anime? Samurai Champloo, Blood+, Tekkon Kinkrete, Code Lyoko
Favorite color? Black and garbage green
Favorite video game? Kingdom Hearts2 and Naruto Storm
Favorite music video? Windowlicker-Aphex Twin
Favorite holiday? Christmas

Personal hero? Don’t have one
How do you solve all the worlds problems? They are not solvable/it would defeat the purpose of living if there were no problems
Do you smoke weed or what? Yes
When did Spongebob get bad? It never did
Who do you think you are? A Person living to be happy as much as I can
Favorite Bad movie? Asian freak films like Mutant Girl Squad, the Thirteenth Year, Tomb Raider?
What is the lowest amount of money you’d sell your body for? Sexually: I wouldn’t, Visually: Depends on the part $100min, Medically/Scientifically: still depends on the part $100min
Favorite Artist? Visual: Egon Schiele/Jesse Kanda Musical: Arca/ Flying Lotus
Favorite Movie Quote? I don’t have one in particular, so here’s three off of the top of my head “whiteys gotta pay, and the payment is baby hands”, “We elevate those who say right but mean wrong, and mock those who say wrong but mean right.”, “this is what happens when you fuck strangers in the ass”
Least Favorite Movie character? Everyone in any movie that struggles and the end makes it pointless…like the Mist
What do you plan to accomplish in your life? Peace, exhalation, fulfillment

Least favourite colour?
Stupidest book school made you read?
Least favourite musical artist?
Favourite horror movie?
Worst thing you do frequently?
Show you watch that’s embarrassing?
Ever had a gun pulled on you?
Favourite drug or cartoon?
A fear?
Shit you shouldn’t have gotten away with?
Hottest same gender famous person you’d bang?

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*passes blunt

rolling around in lucite heels, drinking cider and massaging my own boobs I feel like hot trash

St. Elmo’s Fire by Enrico Donati, 1944. Oil on canvas, 92.7 x 72.4 cm. Museum of Modern Art.